Erik Kruger’s book Acta Non Verba, will inspire and motivate readers

Submitted by Rolina Vorster on Mon, 01/21/2019 - 21:24

Erik Kruger is a high-performance coach, published author and speaker. He has a BSc in Physiotherapy, a postgraduate Diploma in Business, and a Masters Degree in Business and Executive Coaching on the way. His coaching clientele range from executives, to high-profile entrepreneurs, to celebrities and sportsmen.

Topics for his keynote talks include cultivating high-performance habits and a state of mind, matching potential and performance, and how to overcome procrastination to do work that matters. He also facilitates workshops and group coaching sessions.

Four years ago, Erik wanted to make an impact on society and started a movement called Better Man an initiative directed towards the personal and professional development of men through an online community. Since its inception, the movement has grown tremendously and has recently been rebranded as ’Potentialist.’

Passionate about his craft, Erik personally extends his coaching to his 16,000 subscribers on a daily basis. His daily mails explore a variety of business concepts such as leadership, decision-making, mental conditioning, and self-development.




Erik’s book, Acta Non Verba meaning Action not words tackles questions like, how do you achieve great things and how do you create unstoppable momentum in your life and business? It aims to encourage readers to live life to the fullest and to walk the walk instead of talk the talk. It was inspired by the emails that he sends out daily. From those emails, 165 of his favourite ones were chosen to be in the book.

Erik’s success has seen him grace the pages of Entrepreneur, GQ magazine and many more.

Brought up in Springs, Erik now lives in Johannesburg with his beautiful girlfriend and travels regularly.

The book Acta Non Verba is available here

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