AfriForum plants 3 000 trees and concludes 2018 tree-planting project in Knysna

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AfriForum plants trees

Photo: AfriForum plants trees at the Pledge Nature Reserve, Knysna, Western Cape. Left: Boy Sebelo ; Mervyn Crous and Chris Boshoff.

AfriForum planted more than 3 000 trees this year during its tree-planting project in September.

According to Chris Boshoff, AfriForum’s Coordinator for Environmental Affairs, this project is part of a larger attempt to help ensure a healthy, sustainable future for posterity. Although people from all over South Africa celebrate Arbour Day on 1 September, AfriForum and thousands of volunteers dedicate the whole month of September to the planting of trees.  

“By planting indigenous trees, we are not only protecting our environment, but also show that we have hope for the future. To help South Africans flourish, we must all do our part and keep on building – to the benefit of everyone in the country,” Boshoff says. 

AfriForum annually focuses on a general as well as rare tree species. The general tree for 2018 is the true yellowwood (Podocarpus latifolius), while the rare tree is the shepherd’s bush (Boscia albitrunca). AfriForum still however encourages members to plant indigenous trees that will thrive in their areas.


Fynbos that AfriForum is planting in the area
Photo: Fynbos that AfriForum is planting in the area.


As part of the Knysna project conclusion, AfriForum and the Go Green Knysna group planted 50 trees in the Pledge Nature Reserve on 27 September 2018. AfriForum already donated a 2 500-litre water tank to the reserve because they used to store rainwater for irrigation purposes. However, this infrastructure was destroyed in the 2017 fires.


Left_Boy Sabelo and Chris Boshoff plants a tree
Photo: Left: Boy Sabelo and Chris Boshoff plants a tree in the Pledge Nature Reserve in Knysna.


AfriForum, the Go Green Knysna group and the Brenton Taxpayers’ Association jointly manage the removal of exotic trees in the Knysna area.

“We not only planted indigenous trees, but also more than 800 fynbos plants in the Brenton area to rehabilitate the endemic fynbos species and protect the Brenton blue butterfly. This endangered butterfly lives in a symbiotic relationship with a specific fynbos species, Indigofera erecta,” Boshoff explains.

AfriForum wants to thank the Wildflower Wholesale and the Norga River nurseries for their participation.

SMS the name of your town to 45354 (R1) to join AfriForum.


AfriForum + Go Green Knysna group + Brenton Tax Payers Association
Photo: AfriForum + Go Green Knysna group + Brenton Tax Payers Association plants fynbos in the Brenton area.


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