Brave granny bites alleged rapist

Submitted by Rolina Vorster on Thu, 01/10/2019 - 20:59

Butterworth, Eastern Cape Family Violence and Child Protection Unit (FCS) arrested a 20-year-old man for alleged rape of a 70-year-old woman. It is alleged that the victim was sleeping alone at her home which is at Mvumelwano Locality, Nxaxho (A), Village, Centane on Monday, 07 January 2019.

At about 23:00 she felt someone raping her. She woke up and bit the suspect. The suspect then ran away. A case of rape was registered at Centane Police Station. Butterworth FCS Unit members investigated the case and arrested the suspect.

The suspect will appear before the Centane Magistrate’s Court on Friday, 11 January 2019 on a charge of rape.     

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