Q & A

Question: Is it free to create an account on News Everyday?
Answer: Yes, you just click on "Create news account", fill in the form, submit and click the email link you receive in order to verify your account. You will then also be able to comment on articles. Have fun, and please load a photo for your profile if possible so we at News Everyday can see who is commenting.

Question: Where can I send our press releases for placement on News Everyday and is it free?
Answer: Please send it to info@newseveryday.co.za and yes, placement of news articles are free.

Question: What should I do if I would like to place an advertisement on News Everyday?
Answer: Please request a quote from info@newseveryday.co.za. If possible, attach an example of the advertisement that you would like to place, so that we may know what to quote you on.