Amendments to the Employment Equity Act must be opposed

Businessman Writing

The draft Employment Equity Bill will only exacerbate the already struggling economy and growing unemployment crisis in South Africa. The ANC government’s relentless enforcement of a failed political ideology has already done irreparable damage to the country’s economy, and yet the ruling party still refuses to do away with it.

The private sector is the biggest provider of jobs in the country and yet it is the hands of the private sector that are being tied by restrictive and prescriptive labor legislation – and things will only get worse if the proposed amendments are adopted by Parliament.

In its feeble attempts to divert the attention away from its own failures, the government harps on about the private sector’s so-called shortcomings, like a lack of transformation.

This legislation will enable the Minister to set sector-specific employment targets for those who are underrepresented in the workplace, like black people, women, and people with disabilities. The level of power that the Minister will be able to exert over business enterprises in terms of this legislation is extremely alarming.

Instead of creating favorable circumstances for business enterprises in South Africa, these amendments – if they are passed as-is – will be yet another hurdle in the road to economic progress and job creation.

The FF Plus is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all on all levels, whether it be employment, in sports, or otherwise, and will, therefore, oppose these amendments with all its might. We are calling on the business community and citizens of South Africa to do the same during the upcoming public participation process.

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