Farm attacks: Living monuments offer hope


Gruesome farm attacks are still at the order of the day while the government is turning a blind eye and President Cyril Ramaphosa launched a shocking attack on white people by stereotyping and accusing them all of racism.

The survivors of farm attacks are, however, living monuments of overcoming this evil and deserve our respect.

This past weekend was once again characterised by gruesome farm attacks that took place across the country. In one of these incidents, Schalk and Lana Coetzee from the Reivilo district were brutally attacked and tortured with, among other things, boiling water. Both were seriously injured.

For the FF Plus, it is unacceptable that such barbaric acts of violence are still at the order of the day in South Africa. The government voiced its opinion about the death of a single person in America who died as a result of police brutality, but is silent as the grave about the brutal attacks and murders of South African citizens.

Some of the assailants who were involved in the attack on the Coetzee couple have been arrested thanks to the swift action of various safety groups from Vryburg, the Schweizer district and the police.

The good work of these men and women must be recognised. This once again underlines the fact that these groups make an invaluable contribution and it serves as proof that the FF Plus’s fight over the past few months to get the government to allow neighbourhood and farm watches to resume their operations was not in vain.

Any individual who survives a farm attack is a living monument that testifies of great resilience and courage in near-unfathomable circumstances amid a constant fight against a government that does not seem to be concerned about the agricultural community.

The FF Plus prays for the Almighty’s protection over all the family, friends and next of kin of South Africa’s agricultural community.

The FF Plus would also like to thank the neighbourhood and farm watches, every person involved in the counselling of victims as well as every farmer who still keeps producing food for the people of this country despite all the opposition and attacks.

The FF Plus will keep fighting for the rights of every single victim.

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