International interest in illegal Karino land occupations


The aggressive and illegal land occupations in Karino, Mpumalanga, have caught the attention of the international community.

WhatsApp messages were received from as far as Australia and England in support of the landowner and his wife who are trying to protect their property against aggressive and illegal land occupants.

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A video taken by the landowner depicts an alleged ANC-member from the nearby kwaNyamazane, a rural area in Mpumalanga, as the instigator and leader. Among other things, he warned the farmer not to interfere and he added that only a court order will keep them from executing their plans.

Another video shows armed trespassers demarcating plots for themselves. They once again warned the owner that his house will be burnt down if he interfered.

The latest video footage shows the injured farmer, with deep cuts in his legs, one day after the trespassers threatened him.

The police were of absolutely no help as the relevant officers refused to allow the landowner to lay a charge of trespassing and intimidation against the illegal land occupants.

This raises the question of why the police are dragging their feet in taking action and whether the fact that the so-called leader is an ANC-member has anything to do with it.

The lack of police response means that the farmer is forced to obtain a court order before the police will take any action.

The police’s laxity is in violation of the law, because the police is supposed to respond immediately when occupations are reported within a specific period of time.

The FF Plus will engage with the Premier of Mpumalanga, Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane, and the MEC for Safety and Security, Gabisile Tshabalala, and demand that action must be taken before these land occupations cause irreparable damage, more injuries or even death.

Lt.-Gen. Bethuel Zuma, provincial Police Commissioner, will also be asked to investigate the allegations that the police allowed violence and threats and stood idly by and looked on as the land occupation and assault took place.

Werner Weber / FF Plus

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