Masterdrive Celebrates 21 Years

In May, MasterDrive is celebrating their 21st anniversary. The last two decades have been ones of many triumphs, one of many challenges and one of great perseverance to succeed. This is especially true during the time of COVID-19.  

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the whole team is grateful for this opportunity to be operating, especially in the present conditions.

“It is our collective vision and experience spanning 21 years that has allowed us to reach this point. We could apply this vision and experience to help us meet the new challenges presented by COVID-19.

“During these difficult and uncertain times, we’ve used our best practice to guide our decisions in an effort to ensure that we keep providing our service to our loyal clients and look after our valuable employees. The last 21 years have enabled us to be flexible and adaptable to the challenges we encounter. Economic changes in the coming months will be inevitable but we feel equipped to handle them because of our long history.”

Now we look forward to the future, even if this is in a vastly different environment to what we are accustomed.  “A 21-year history shows us that, if nothing else, you need to be able to change and adapt as business itself changes and adapts. While we are under no illusions about the economic difficulty of the coming few months, and possibly much longer, we’re determined to look forward rather than back and identify new ways to thrive.

“MasterDrive looks forward to you joining us on this journey. While we are marking this auspicious occasion in another way than what we would have liked to, had business still been the same as it as it was just a few months ago, we are nonetheless grateful we have reached this monumental landmark.  For now, let us look forward to the next 21 years.” says Herbert.

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