Gauteng: Three injured in West Rand crash

Car that rolled duting a collision in Gauteng

At 20H33 Sunday night Netcare 911 responded to reports of a collision on the R114 in the West Rand, Gauteng.

Reports from the scene indicate that two cars were involved in a collision, resulting in a rollover.

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Medics assessed the patients and found that three adult males had sustained moderate to serious injuries and required Advanced Life Support intervention to stabilise them.

One of the men had been pinned down between the roof of the car and the road and required the use of hydraulic tools by the Mogale Fire and Rescue Services as well as a Netcare 911 Rescue Technician to lift the car to safely remove the patient.

Once treated all the patients were transported by Netcare 911, Emer-G-Med as well as another ambulance service to hospital for further treatment.

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