Hope Stories written and released during lockdown – launched last night

Kim Whitaker

Photo: Kim Whitaker.

2020 has been a trying year in many ways. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt the world over and many of us really need a healthy dose of positivity in these challenging times. Written by Lesley Waterkeyn – Founder and Vice Chairperson at CWDi, Sandy Van Dijk – COO at Over The Rainbow and Dawn Nathan-Jones – Entrepreneur, multiple award-winning business leader and professional speaker, Hope Stories may be just the prescription that’s needed. This book of enlightening and hopeful short stories based on interviews with formidable South Africans – is a ray of light in darker times and it was officially launched last night. The book was conceptualised and written during lockdown.

Photo: Dawn Nathan-Jones, Lesley Waterkeyn and Sandy Van Dijk – Authors of Hope Stories.

The diverse group of contributors share personal stories of courage about how they helped communities and pivoted their businesses despite difficult circumstances. The book is broken up into seven themed chapters, each with an uplifting message:

  • Chapter 1: Passion – Live the Life you were Meant to
  • Chapter 2: Credibility & Purpose – Build your Brand
  • Chapter 3: Action – Back Yourself and do Whatever it Takes
  • Chapter 4: Love what you do – Innovate and Prosper
  • Chapter 5: Think forward – Adapt or Die
  • Chapter 6: Courage – Triumph over Adversity
  • Chapter 7: Wisdom – Make a Difference

Contributor and CEO of family investment firm KhumaloCo, Andile Khumalo, shares a message of hope that includes the quote, “The world has been turned upside down and everything is up for discussion, people are listening; doors are opening”.

Renshia Manuel, passionate Founder and Managing Director of GrowBox Wholesale Nursery, shares her tale about providing portable vegetable gardens and basic nutrition to people in need. Restaurant owner, Guy Cluver, talks about turning his restaurant into a soup kitchen during lockdown. And Kim Whitaker shares the story of Ubuntu Beds – an initiative that united hospitality businesses standing empty during lockdown, with healthcare workers who were fighting the virus on the front lines.

These and all the other uniquely South African stories featured in the Hope Stories collection are testament to the power of the human spirit in times of adversity. They paint a picture of a united front and make it easier to believe in a future that is kinder and more collaborative. Hope Stories is recommended reading for anyone who feels that they need a touch of faith in humanity restored.

Ten percent of the book sales will go towards supporting the following charities: The Angel Network, Amandla Development, Ubuntu Beds, Robin Hood Foundation, Ladles of Love, Soupa Groupa. The authors of the book would also like to support GrowBox and YeboFresh.

Lesley Waterkeyn says, “Times of uncertainty can bring out the best in people. And the collection we have put together in Hope Stories is a glowing reflection of that. Each story is hinged on the premise that we can motivate ourselves to do better, pivoting difficult circumstances to put powerful new ideas into action. It’s exactly the kind of inspiration we need right now”.

As of 18 August 2020, Hope Stories is available for purchase at R 299.00 for a hard copy. You can get your copy of this amazing book here: https://overtherainbowshop.co.za/product/hope-stories-let-hope-be-your-strength/ or https://krlibrary.co.za/hope-stories/. To find out more, please contact Simone Isaacs via email: simone@cwdi.co.za or call her on: 076 168 6446.

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