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“It’s true that if you have money, you can invest it to make more. It’s also true that there’s no single formula to becoming rich overnight. But there are some surprisingly lucrative opportunities that exist today with huge earning potential – even without any initial monetary investment.  

“Some big earners have been made in very unexpected ways. Richard Branson started with a little-known magazine called Student and went on to launch an unassuming mail-order record business. In 1994, before the internet was really ‘a thing’, Chris Clark bought the domain-name Pizza.com for 20 dollars. In 2008, he sold it for 2.6 million dollars.

“Online news mogul and Huffington Post founder, Arianna Huffington, blogged. At least initially, that’s all she did. But she built such a strong reputation that she is now the richest blogger in the world, with a website that has become a widely respected news source.

“These cases prove that money can be made in unexpected ways. There is no ‘secret formula’, and like Arianna Huffington, sometimes, the only investment you need to make is a bit of time. Simply put, you don’t need a fortune to make a fortune. In fact, sometimes you don’t need anything at all.

“There are ways you can generate a passive income with no strings attached, too. In an unusual time, there are even more surprising ways to make money. And becoming a Business Referrer is one of them.


“Businesses are founded on relationships. No one can exist completely independently, and at this very strange and unexpected time in our history, following COVID-19 sweeping the world, we need each other more than ever.

“Humans are very much ‘pack animals’. We habitually form symbiotic relationships – in work, friendships and family. All these relationships have to be mutually beneficial, or they simply aren’t sustainable. It’s part of our natural interactive make up.

“Making money (honest money, that is), also has to be based on a symbiotic relationship in order for it to work. You give something and you get something in return. And that symbiosis defines the beauty of networking.

“Beyond facts, figures and markets, forex and commodities trading companies rely on referrals in order to do what they do. These companies train people to make money by trading.

“It is the Business Referrer’s (BR – also known as Introducing Broker or IB) job to refer people they know – through work or in their personal capacity – to the trading company. This cycle delivers symbiosis for:

–          The person who is referred – by providing an opportunity to learn the art of trading, and to make money on the forex or commodities markets

–          The trading company – through an opportunity to be paid for sharing knowledge and a viable platform for generating an income

–          The BR – by generating ongoing (potentially lifelong) commission, every time the person they referred trades within fixed parameters

“There isn’t a catch and there is no fine print. A BR does not have to invest any money to earn from referring people in their network to the trading company – myth busted.

The networking goldmine

“BRs come in many shapes and sizes. Many are trading educators or mentors who need an extension of their platform for the people they teach. In this case, the trading company offers a practical learning environment for students.

“Signal providers, who provide access to valuable trading information, similarly can refer traders to the third-party trading company and earn commission in the process. Professional fund managers can also refer their clients, safe in the knowledge that they are in a reliable trading environment.

“But you don’t necessarily need to be a financial guru or forex professional to become a BR. Everyone has a network – of colleagues, friends, family, acquaintances etc. A website owner can become a BR simply by putting a banner on their website that links to the trading company.

“YouTubers, social media gurus and even normal everyday people who have regular jobs can also cash in on referrals, simply by putting friends, family or followers in touch with the trading company.

“Referrals don’t require much work. Chances are, you have done the work already, by building the established relationship. And as discussed, referrals also don’t require any financial outlay.

“These are very strange times indeed, and in strange times, we can find surprising ways to make money. You have made it this far, and the relationships you have built along the way are more important than ever.

“The secret to symbiosis – and success – may be closer than you think. Now is the time to explore your possibilities. To start your journey with CM Trading a BR, visit www.cmtradingpartners.com

Daniel Kibel

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