Allbro launches a one of a kind Camera Mounting Enclosure

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Established in 1978, Allbro has spent numerous years developing competencies in various complex disciplines and thanks to their in house toolroom, they stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting edge technological advancements. It is thanks to this kind of innovation that Allbro can revolutionise the electrical and IT distribution industry.

Being a proudly South African manufacturer and an international distributor, Allbro ensures their products are suited for even the toughest environments, making their product set the perfect addition to the Pinnsec portfolio. The recently launched Camera Nest™ is a camera mounting enclosure that has been named as the first of its kind and it aims to address the unique challenges typically faced by camera installers. Say goodbye to the days of fiddling with general-purpose electrical boxes to throw together a usable enclosure.

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Available in diameter size 90mm and 110mm, the Camera Nest™ is easy to install using a mounting bracket and two skrews, waterproof, and designed to accommodate the majority of camera brands. One thing that Allbro prides themselves on is their use of GRP material as opposed to plastic, resulting in the resin-based fibreglass material lasting for decades while keeping dust and water out.

According to Pinnsec Product Manager, Andre Pienaar, Pinnsec had identified the need for high-quality installation materials that didn’t cost a fortune. “Allbro being a leader in their field suggested a collaboration between the two companies where we supply a superior product and ensure a quick, neat and high-quality installation. The most important part of an installers day is the time they spend on site. Being able to pre-mount your cameras and spend minimal time on the installation saves money for all parties involved”.

The Allbro nest was a prime addition to the Pinnsec portfolio which the company is proud to have distributed through their branch network.

For more information about Pinnsec, visit their website or contact their offices on +27 (0)11 265 3000. You can also follow them on Facebook and on Linkedin.

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