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There is not a single sphere in South Africa left unaffected by the COVID-19 crisis. Yet, South Africa is a nation that will work together to raise the country out of both social and economic difficulty. This has motivated Legratron Electronics to play their role by opening their Panik app to the public free of charge but adapted to help South Africans better manage the risks that they face, whether at home or while out.  

The managing director of Legratron Electronics, Itumeleng Matshego, says they have adapted the app to track COVID-19 hotspots to alert South Africans when they move around. Legratron decided to align our business services with those needed to better fight the pandemic. 

“We adapted our recently designed Panik app that can track people in the case of an emergency and redeveloped it to help in the fight against the virus. Once downloaded, the app tracks your movements so that you can be immediately notified when entering a hotspot. There is no cost attached and all you need to do is download and register for the app.”

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As South Africa is facing a major crisis with gender-based violence, the new functionality can assist women who face dangerous situations. “The app can likewise be downloaded by women to use in an emergency or in a vulnerable situation. If at any time a female feels threatened or in danger, she can use the app to alert family members to her situation and current location.

“With the assistance of law enforcement, family members can get to their loved ones much faster. The Panik app has the potential to be a powerful tool to fight the scourge of domestic violence on South African society that existed before lockdown and has only intensified during this time.”

Legratron Electronics has always been committed to the upliftment of communities and giving back to them. “With the complete way that the entire world changed and operates, we need to adapt the way that we contribute as well. After strategising and giving it some thought, the team realised we have the ability to put a face to this unseen virus.

“While the infection for many is mild with a high chance of recovery, viewed from another perspective this is not so. Instead, it presents a much greater challenge. If the number of infections were to rise drastically, the government may simply not be able to provide lifesaving care to all. For the elderly and immunocompromised, the risk is much higher.”

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The Panik app has become important to conquer both the virus and offer help to a major crisis faced by South African women. “It gives women a fast and effective means to call for help. Change in the attitude of perpetrators could take years whereas this gives vulnerable women a way to call for help, now.

“This is in addition to providing information on areas that are particularly risky and allowing people to take extra precautions. While it is called the Panik app, the purpose is to do the opposite; with the right information and tools, people can make knowledgeable decisions while connecting them to their loved ones. We are doing our bit to help people stay safe and healthy.”

If you would like to use this app, download it from iStore or Samsung Play Store by simply searching for Legratron. “Knowledge is power and if you know you’re in a high-risk area or situation, you also know to take extra precautions. Together, we can protect our country from being severely crippled by this virus and the consequent violence that has resulted during lockdown,” says Matshego.

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