Canoeing South Africa and Quipmo sign commercial partnership

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As paddlers across the country return to the water to train and compete, Canoeing South Africa has signed a commercial deal with Australian surf, bike and snow peer to peer gear rental company Quipmo to make it easier for locals and traveling paddlers of all abilities to get access to great canoes and equipment.

The idea behind the partnership is to grow the paddling community in South Africa by giving more people access to equipment at good rates. It gives both shops and individuals the opportunity to make money through the leasing out of equipment that they already own.

Quipmo and the Canoeing South Africa have plans to get more people paddling and to substantially improve access to gear in South Africa.

Whether it’s at the grassroots and getting kids to try a canoe on holidays or whether it’s giving access to the latest gear releases through demonstration models, this partnership intends to get more people onto the water and passionate about paddling.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with a top tier organization who are at the forefront of paddling across all disciplines in South Africa,” Quipmo’s founder and CEO Chris Evans said.

“No country offers adventure like South Africa and we’re stoked to be working with people who are just as passionate about the water as we are.”

“Whether it’s a ski, a canoe, a kayak, or something else, this partnership with Canoeing South Africa further defines Quipmo as the platform where locals and travelers alike can get or rent out their gear safely, efficiently and with a process that is easy.”

President of Canoeing South Africa Kim Pople believes that this deal will open doors for many new paddlers but also could help in starting a new trend in South Africa for other sporting codes.

“We are excited to be partnering with Quipmo at this time because nothing is normal,” Pople said.

“We are also happy to be leading the way in South Africa in trying something new and hopefully taking our sport to a much wider audience.”

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