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FNB encourages fans to rally behind the Springboks through #WordsofGreatness


FNB, proud sponsor of the Springboks, is encouraging fans from all walks of life to rally behind the Springboks by sending #WordsofGreatness to the team as they take on England for ultimate glory. The Bank’s drive to help fans convey #WordsofGreatness to the Springboks has captured the hearts and minds of South African fans and received the attention of the team through Captain, Siya Kolisi.

Kolisi said the team was grateful for the support they had received in Japan, and from back home.

“Another of our sponsors has a big screen in the team room with messages coming from South Africa and we really do appreciate the messages of support coming from back home. We know so many people want to be here but can’t make it and we just want to say that we really appreciate it. We are doing this for them – for South Africa. We’re doing it for all the people back at home,” he said.

Since the beginning of the tournament, FNB has enabled fans to rally behind the Springboks by sharing their words of encouragement. Messages from fans are currently flighted on various social media platforms as well as on a big screen in the teams’ room.

“The #WordsofGreatness is a simple call-to-action that encourages all South Africans to send their messages of support to the Springboks. These words are powerful as they demonstrate the unwavering support and commitment to building a winning nation,” says Bonga Sebesho, Head of FNB Brand Sponsorships.

“The messages to the team truly reflect the core of nation building and comradery. Each message is unique and truly authentic; and we are heartened to have our team Captain acknowledge the collective effort to bring the trophy home,” adds Sebesho.

A few of the messages read:

‘Dear Bokke, No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Your destination is on the finals and lifting that Webb Ellis Cup for the third time, it's yours and it's ours as a nation’ S.Somya

‘Thank you, what an amazing tournament, what a privileged position you are in to showcase the best rugby players in our country, and in the world. With gratitude and admiration, an old tannie from Vanderbijlpark’. 

‘You've come this far because of your unshakable determination and excellent teamwork. You're worthy of the Championship Bokke. I ask that all members of the team Believe and see themselves winning in all upcoming matches. There's nothing more powerful than faith, we believe in you Bokke. All the way’!
-S. Sikwe

“We want to give the team a view of the support from their fans back home; and it’s great to see the players reflecting and taking in the heartwarming messages from their fans. Making it to the final is a major feat and we need to ensure that our team has all the support and inspiration for their fans. Fans still have some time to WhatsApp your #WordsofGreatness to 06152 BOKKE; and help our team bring the winning trophy home,” concludes Sebesho.

Rolina Vorster

Owner at News Everyday & CEO at DeodataDigital.