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The Hitched boys are back and trekking to the Ellen show in LA



Two South Afriacan cousins from Durban are crossing the world to go see Ellen DeGeneres. They are trying to get Ellen's attention by tagging Ellen DeGeneres #heyellen in their video on their facebook."

When Durban-based cousins Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall decided to hitchhike into the heart of the Congo in search of a mythical dinosaur everyone thought they were totally crazy. Except maybe Donovan Orr, their camera guy. (He just thought they were a little bit crazy.) Their incredible trek spanned 15 000 km over 107 days and 10 countries via 92 rides. Eventually, they ended up in an almost mythical pygmy village, deep in the DRC, and their incredible journey became the subject of Hitched, a ten-part docu-series produced by Tomfoolery TV.

You’d think that would’ve sated their taste for unbridled YOLO but, noooo, it’s only encouraged them to set their eyes on a bigger, more impossible-sounding goal. Now, the boys are in the middle of hitchhiking from Durbs to LA - a cool 28 000 kilometres - in a bid to tell talk show host Ellen deGeneres about their adventure and share their African documentary with the world. (After running a poll online as to who would be the best help, Ellen came out tops, beating Kim Kardashian, Frodo Baggins and Morgan Freeman.)

“Hitched has been an incredible journey of adventure, fun, grit and the power of big dreaming,” says David Leslie, Tomfoolery’s founder. “We believe the team really show what it means to create authentic African content which we love. We are so excited for them make history and tell their story to the world from Ellen's couch.”

The trio is currently freezing their buns off in Russia, the 13th country on their trip schedule. It’s been 7 months, they’ve clocked up 16 000km and still have 10 000km to go, something they hope to cover in the next 6 weeks. To keep up with their quest, you can follow them on social media and encourage them to keep going. Also, for the love of Crazyoniasis, (he’s the Greek god of madcap adventure), we BEG you to please share the shizz out of their latest video and don’t forget to tag Ellen. Did we mention that she doesn’t even know they’re coming? Ja.

Join the journey:

Instagram: @hitched.series
Twitter: @hitched_series
Facebook: @hitched.congo

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Rolina Vorster

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