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Interview with talented artist Hiljana Biba, now studying medicine


This interview is going to be about an extremely talented girl, named Hiljana Biba.

Good morning darling. As I mentioned before you are a true talent, and I was surprised to be honest, when I learned from my assistant,that you study medicine. Why? -(Laugh) It's the question which I have been hearing the most these times. Medicine is my life, meanwhile art is my dream. Thats all. That is an answer! You have published one year ago a novel named "Me quajne Xhulia" which has been a huge success. I have searched it and I have truly wanted to understand a word, but I was unfortunate. -That's because it is in Albanian language. I could have translated it, I have had the chances to, but due to some difficulties it wasn't possible, not for the moment at least. Now you are working on an autobiography. You are only 20 years old, but you talk and act like you are older, so I am not surprised that a girl like you, has something to say. -Intentionally I declared that art is my dream. I have been dealing with some serious problems the past year, which has been the first year of my studies too.So now that I feel better, I decided to use art as a distraction. In a few words, what is the book going to be about? -I have been struggling with depression, OCD anxiety and hypochondria. The book is going to address all these topics from my everyday life. It's not so personal, since I haven't mentioned names, just one. It sounds really courageous. -It is in fact. On these days talking about mental problems would make you feel like you are seeking for attention. That's what I thought at least , but since I started to meet a therapist and I accepted my problem, I saw how things started to get better. Still declaring these problems is really courageous and I think that it can help many people. Do you feel happy now? -I feel better. I don't think happiness is a state of mind, sometimes it is just a second. My assistant told me that you have mentioned the relation with you father, a little group of friends, and a boy. (laughs again)-Yeah it's true. My book has plot twists too. It shows how people around you start acting when you have a problem and they notice it. I would say is a must read book, will prepare you for so many things. It did for me. You have been working in silence , or the audience knows the truth? -You have the exclusivity to be my first interview. Firstly, I wasn't completely convinced if I should publish it. I bet that, when my friends will read it, will be in shock. No one knew what I was enduring. I am really honored to be your first interview, cause I don't have information about the writers in your country, but here aren't so many books published on these topics. No there aren't. Especially at my age. We feel ashamed when it comes to mental health. That's why I would suggest to teenagers, especially if they are dealing with difficulties, it will change their life.

Will it be published on Booksie again? I haven't decided yet. I am dealing with managers at the moment.

Rolina Vorster

Owner at News Everyday & CEO at DeodataDigital.